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Sunday, 21 January 1900 00:00



The Cumboogle brigade is always in need of new members, particularly people who can undertake some training and become an active brigade member.
Many of us have been members for a number of years and are starting to get a ‘bit long in the tooth’ so we really need some more folk to join us, especially younger folk!
You’ll find us a welcoming bunch and the basic training required for active members is neither difficult nor time consuming.
In fact there is a vast amount of training available that can be very useful in our regular lives, things like safely and effectively using a chain saw, first aid, driving our 4WD trucks, using radios and GPS equipment, learning about weather, map reading – the list goes on and on.
Most of the basic training can be done on-line with a practical assessment done with the brigade.
And don't forget the training is free!

If you are even mildly interested, why not have a chat with any brigade committee member or come along to one of our Friday night ‘happy hours’ and talk with the members. Or just drop in to the shed whenever we are training.

Link to RFS NSW

New resident of the Cumboogle brigade area?
Contact Laurie for your welcome pack to the area on 0439 684 602.