For Emergencies.... Always dial '000' or Dial 112 from Mobile Phones


Sunday, 21 January 1900 00:00

Captain's Message

Hi, I'm Phil Baker, the Captain of the Cumboogle brigade.

We have a small but dedicated group of volunteers in the brigade which allows us to quickly respond to call outs. Most of our active members have pagers and in addition the Orana team of the RFS uses the SMS system to alert volunteers of a call out. By having both systems in place we can reliably ensure members get notified of call outs.

This winter there has been reasonable rain which with any luck will result in a big body of spring growth that going into summer will cure and become a fire hazard.
So now is the time to prepare for summer and reduce fire hazards wherever possible.

There will be quite a lot of hazard reduction activity going on throughout the region which will on occasion generate a lot of smoke. Please be very careful when driving through smoke. Limited visibility means you should slow down and be wary of oncoming traffic. It’s very easy to become disoriented when driving through smoke.

People wanting to burn off need to give their immediate neighbours at least 24 hours notice of the burn. You should also advise the brigade and Fire Control (6881 3900) at the same time. Notification means that we may be spared unnecessary call outs when fires are reported.

Everyone should have a bush fire survival plan. You can get all the information you need to develop your own plan from the RFS web site. Plans are dynamic and will change with time and circumstances, so please review and update your plan each year.